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U.S. Employment Rises, Workers More Confident

Many Americans workers feel confidence about their jobs, according to a new study from Randstad
Credit Randstad

A majority of American employees aren't worried about being out of work anymore.

The U.S. Employee Confidence Index for March is 57.1%, according to Atlanta-based Randstad.

"We have seen a trend that workers are feeling better with their job security, and it's at its highest level since 2008," says Randstad regional vice president Rebecca Harrell.

The findings are based on more than 1,100 employees over the age of 18 in various fields.

"77% indicated that it is unlikely they will lose their positions," says Harrell.

As for Georgia, there is also reason for confidence.

"Almost every industry is adding jobs as we speak, with the one exception being the government sector.  But, if you look at the private economy, basically every industry is adding jobs, even industries that were losing jobs at this time last year, are adding them this year," says Dr. Jeff Humphreys, an economics professor at the University of Georgia.

On Friday, the U.S. government reported the country added 192,000 jobs in March.

Employment opportunities are expected to rise locally as well.

"One thing that Atlanta has going for it is what I call the 'new high-tech sector' which includes healthcare IT, mobile apps, things like that.  New high-tech is doing very well and it's doing exceptionally well here in Atlanta," says Humphreys.

The Georgia Department of Labor reports the state's unemployment rate is 7.1%, slightly higher than the national number of 6.7%